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What to Look for When Buying Antique Guns

What to Look for When Buying Antique Guns

While the majority of those in the firearms community would prefer to purchase something brand new, there is an expanding niche of enthusiast weapons. Defense from the 19th and early 20th centuries could be incredibly beneficial, depending upon the problem of the gun. If you are a beginner gun collector or have been thinking of gathering weapons from the past, read on for some pointers on what to look for. Many people like this furniture repair in dallas offer these types of services. if you don’t know what you are doing, hire a professional.


There are a lot of individuals around that will certainly aim to imitate antique firearms. It’s an unfavorable fact. However, it occurs on a daily basis. If you see a weapon that you think could be valuable, aim to verify its credibility before making a purchase. If you don’t trust the guy or lady who is selling the firearm, have an independent gunsmith have a look at the weapon in question.

Inspect the Wood

Many of the weapons made in the 1800’s and 1900’s were constructed with supplies that were crafted from wood or had various other components including wooden elements. Obviously, with time this wood tends to wear away and mold, resulting in a less-than-pristine weapon. Take a couple of minutes and examine all the wood parts to avoid this mess.

Stay Away from Recreated Weapons

Older weapons break down as well as age, and also as such need to be changed with non-authentic components. If you are a collector, you wish to steer clear of from guns that do not have original parts. A good guideline is to keep away from weapons that do not have at least 90% of its original working components.

Stay Away from Antique Firearms That Do Not Function

Some weapon collectors find it enjoyable to acquire non-working weapons, strictly for the function of fixing them. However, if you are shopping for an antique firearm for resale, stick to a tool that remains in proper, functioning condition. By doing this, you won’t damage the weapon if you try to fix it yourself. In the long run, it’ll save you a few grey hairs.
Buy from Other Collectors

When you purchase from one agency, you have a better opportunity of finding top quality, unusual items. Few real agencies will try to offer you something that isn’t the genuine offer, at the very least if they have any pride. Gun enthusiasts tend to market high-quality things to preserve the trustworthy weapon exchange around the nation.


Finally, attempt to:
– Get good tools.
– Check for mold or deterioration on wooden pieces.
– Steer clear of from weapons that are entertainments.
– Stay away from weapons that are not in functioning order.
– Purchase from appreciated collectors.

By adhering to a few of these ideas, you should be you’ll know what to look out for.

A Brief History about Boss & Co.

A Brief History about Boss & Co.

Boss & Co. is a firearms industry which was established in the year 1812. Thomas Boss founded the company. He initially worked for a famous gun-maker during that time, and he later left him and started his own business. When Boss started to produce his own guns, it became an instant hit. Thomas Boss died in the year 1857, and his wife Amy handled the company. Though she had no practical experience in gun making, she did her best and took the help of her employees to keep the business running.

A Brief History about Boss & Co.

The Paddison:

As Amy became old, she was not able to manage the company, so she sought help from her nephews Edward and James Paddison to run the company, and Amy died in the year 1872. Both of them had worked in the firm for many years, and thus they know how to make the gun, but unfortunately, James had passed away within a year. Edward, however, continued to make guns and he produced top quality guns for the next 17 years. Due to financial and personal health issues Edward need a partner to help him with his business. Thus, he partnered with a gun-maker named John Robertson. John was also a gun-maker who used to work for Boss, and he did all the assembling and finishing work.

John Robertson was an innovator, and when he took over the company, he had a platform to bring out all his innovative ideas. John got the patents for the single trigger, Boss over and under gun and for the Boss ejector guns. These patents had helped the company to grow and come to a stabilized position.

Boss over and under gun:

Robertson designed the Boss O/U, and he made sure to make an elegant and slender gun so that it is easier to use. Earlier the O/U guns were quite heavy and clumsy. It was Robertson who gave the gun a new look.

Single Trigger:

The single trigger guns can trigger fire on both the barrels. Any other company cannot replicate the perfection of single trigger guns.

Boss Ejector:

The mechanism used in this gun is simple and neat. The gun is light and compact. The gun is designed in a way that it uses all the energy produced from its coil spring.

One of Robertson’s main goals was to design guns with quality, and he wanted to combine aesthetic beauty with it. Robertson was a key person who developed the company, and when he died, he left the company to his sons. They were known as the three governors, and they were hardworking and talented just like their father.

Today, many companies have tried to invest in various technologies, but Boss is keen on producing handmade guns. Making a gun by hand takes a lot of time, and you need to have the right skills to make quality guns and match the specifications that are given.


Most Expensive Guns in the World

Most Expensive Guns in the World

Having the most expensive does not make you the best shooter, but it certainly provides you with the satisfaction of having some of the rarest guns in the world. Expensive guns may not give you the best shot but it is valuable as it might be one of a kind or it might have great artwork, or it simply might have been used by a famous person.

Most Expensive Guns in the World

The following are some of the most expensive guns in the world:

Hitler’s Golden Walther:

The Golden Walther was given to Hitler as a birthday present by Carl Walther. Hitler was quite fond of this gun, and it is said that he always had this gun in his draw. During the war in the year 1945, the gun was taken by an American soldier during a raid, and he brought it to the United States of America. The pistol had gone into the hands of many people, and finally, it was auctioned in the year 1987 for about $114,000.

The 44.-caliber Smith & Wesson:

The 44.-caliber Smith & Wesson is quite famous and valued as it was the gun that was used to kill Jesse James. Jesse was a popular outlaw who robbed many banks and passengers on the train. It is said that he had robbed more than $200,000 and the government had said that they would be giving a bounty if anyone could get him alive or dead. His fellow gang member used the 44.-caliber Smith & Wesson to kill Jesse and in the year 2003, this pistol was auctioned for about $350,000.

Roosevelt’s Double-Barreled Shotgun:

The 26th president of the United States of America was very much interested in hunting, and he would always take his shotgun with him. The Fox gun company made the gun, and it was sold to his family, and it was passed down to Teddy Roosevelt. In the year 2010, the Double-Barreled Shotgun was sold for about $862,850.

Beretta Imperiale Montecarlo:

Beretta makes high-quality guns that are world renowned. It is so accurate that Olympic champions use these guns. The engravings on the gun are brilliant, and the craftsmanship performance is also outstanding. These guns usually cost about $106,800.

H&H double:

The firearms of the Holland & Holland guns are made by hand, and it is one of the most beautiful guns that can ever be made. These guns are also extremely reliable and accurate. H&H firearms have a great reputation and exclusive clientele.

Saddle Pistol of George Washington:

A saddle pistol was given to George Washington by Marquis de Lafayette. The pistol had golden inlays and carvings. The artwork in the pistol is simply brilliant. After the death of Washington, President Andrew Jackson had the gun for a long time and gifted it back to Washington’s family.  In the year 2002, the gun was sold for about $1,986,000, and the buyer donated the gun to a museum in Pittsburg called Fort Ligonier.

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