A lot of antiques become more valuable because of its history. The intrinsic values that one can find in antique pieces and items increases the value of the precious material that the items is made of itself. If you plan to sell your items or pass them on to someone, you can add value to your collectibles in various ways.

Document Provenance

If you’re able to provide proof that an influential or famous person once owned the piece that you own, or if it has a historical value, you can significantly add value to your item. By having documentation of provenance, your chances of increasing the object’s monetary value and significance.

You can document provenance by keeping the original receipts that show the names involved in the transaction or by photographs and notes that are passed on from previous owners.


One of the best parts when it comes to finding and purchasing collectible is when you learn a lot of things about them. Facts about your items can add to the value as well. However, it’s essential that you should still be critical about the facts that you attach to your pieces. Valuable information about marks and signatures on your antiques should be legitimate and valid. The style or period where it was made can also add value to it.


After the necessary research that you have done, you can also still increase the value of your item by having it authenticated by an expert. This way, you can also put it in an auction since it would then be legitimate. Having a certificate or an authentication letter from a professional in the related field can turn your collectibles garner a higher value especially when people are critical about the items that they intend to buy.


Usually, authentication is already done in the appraisal process, but that’s not always the case. A lot of appraisers dig values on pieces by researching on them. With this, it’s important to know what your appraiser requires in their documentation. Moreover, there’s a difference between a verbal estimation of value and a written appraisal; the latter is the legitimate way of knowing the cost since it’s a well-documented.

Care and Storage

Naturally, having proper storage and care significantly adds and retains the value of your items since people usually want to purchase things that are in good condition and well-maintained. Doing this means that there are a lot of things that you should and shouldn’t do to your pieces, it just takes a lot of research in knowing what they are.