Whenever winter comes, there are a lot of things that you have to tweak in your home to make your house prepared and cozy for winter. Below are some tricks and tips on how to make your household ready for the season.

Drafty Doors and Windows

Be sure that the weatherstripping placed on your doors and windows are secure not to let the cold winter breeze creep inside the spaces of your home. You can also install draft stoppers and caulk your windows to prepare yourself from the weather further.

Change Your Ceiling Fan Blades

For you to further warm yourself and the spaces in your home, you can try switching your fan blades to run clockwise to drive the cold air away and push warmer air around. This way, you can save a lot of money on your bill.

A  Programmable Thermostat

At times when you’re away from your home, and your furnace is operating at optimum temperatures, you’re wasting a considerable amount of money since it’s useless. However, with a programmable thermostat, you can decrease the temperature even if you’re at work, and have it warm your place again at your desired schedule, making you save a lot of money.

Smoke and C02 Detectors

Make sure that you double check that the batteries and maintenance in your smoke and CO2 detectors. This way, you can make sure that your household is kept safe and alert whenever it comes to unfortunate incidents.


Naturally, the build-up of leaves and snow can cause damage to your gutters which could then further damage your home if it causes water leaks. Be sure to clear them out before it ends badly.

Air Conditioners

To avoid having your A/C unit/s freeze during the winter, see to it that you drain the pipes and hoses, and vacuum out any static water in your drain pan.  To further protect your air conditioning unit, you can cover your central unit using a plastic AC cover to keep snow and water from making your unit freeze and rust.

Furnace Filters

It’s highly crucial for you to clean or replace your furnace filter during this season since you’ll be using your heater most of the time. Having dirty filters can disrupt the airflow which can increase energy demand.