There are a lot of things that come up to mind when people mention antiques. From their value and its history, you can dig up a lot of things to learn about an antique item if you know how to identify and research about them. With such knowledge, this can help you look for legitimate ones.

Marks and Signatures

Determining the maker of the antique item by looking for a mark or signature on it is the first step if you intend to know its value. On pieces of jewelry, marks are usually small and hidden; marks on glassware are not as common as they are on porcelain and pottery. Usually, marks on pottery and porcelain are located at the bottom of the item.

Through marks and signatures, information about the maker and its origin will come to you easily; you have to learn how to identify and locate them.

Antique Furniture

When it comes to antiques, furniture is not a stranger. Different styles, artisans, and other technicalities are just some of the things that you have to know for you to learn about the item. One of the first things to take note when it comes to identifying and antique furniture is to look at its style or period. From Chippendales, Queen Annes, and Eastlake is just some of the most famous styles that stem from different eras or periods.

When it comes to modern furniture, pieces usually derive their value according to their designers or makers. Big names in the industry create items that are collectibles, and most of them come in a unique design or make.


Knowing and having the eye to distinguish genuine antiques from reproductions is probably one of the easiest and most helpful skills that you should have for you, and when you’re hugely fond of collecting antique items, you’ll realize that such skill comes highly handy.


There are various methods and ways that can help you test your pieces and items to check for their authenticity. Usually, having a black light can be very convenient for you to test almost every antique item.

Have a Good Guide

Being equipped with sufficient and supplementary knowledge about antiques can give you an edge among other people. To do this, you have to make yourself get familiar and well-learned about them by reading books that offer good input and foundation about them.