Dogs are a man’s best friend, not until they start shedding hair anywhere in your house or coming inside with dirty paws staining the floor. We love our dogs, but keeping up with their messy trail can be a chore. But worry no more because today we’re going to provide you tips to keep your home clean and beautiful, despite your dog messing everything up.

Manage Your Dog’s Shedding

  • Dogs shed a lot of fur, and hours later, you’ll end up sneezing every time you roam around the house. To prevent this, always take time to groom your little one. For at least 5 minutes a day, you can see some improvements. If your dog is a heavy shedder and your home looks like a fur machine, try vacuum. There are a lot of special grooming tools that can be attached to the vacuum which can remove loose hairs before they spread airborne.

Buy Dog Beds

  • If your dog likes to sleep on your furniture, it’s time to give him/her a more comfortable place to sleep in. You can find a lot of dog beds online and choose the right one that fits for your dog. Always keep his/her bed clean and wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wash Their Toys

  • Dog toys are prone to dirt and bacteria. Wash soft toys using the washing machine, while hand wash the hard chew ones. Wash them using dog-friendly soaps and you can also add baking soda to eliminate odors.

Vacuum Your Home Regularly

  • As we’ve mentioned in the first tip, vacuum your house regularly to remove hair and fur your dog have shed inside the house. When vacuuming rugs, move it unto different directions then use a squeegee device to pull out the remaining hairs. Use lint rollers to eliminate hard to remove hairs in your clothes or furniture.

Clean Up After Accidents

  • We cannot avoid that dogs can cause accidents especially about tummy problems or any other issues. Ready yourself by having a pet-oriented enzymatic cleanser on hand to clean up stains on fabric before it soaks in. These enzymes can also eliminate bad odor that even your dog won’t even notice.

Wash Your Dogs Regularly

  • Some dogs like to keep themselves clean, while others want to get as dirty as they can get. If you have a dog that loves to keep themselves as mucky as possible, then it’s better to invest in a dog cleaning station. Add a heavy-duty doormat, wipes for his paws, or a spray bottle.

Protect Door Frames

  • Pawing in door frames is a dog’s way of telling you that they want to get in or get out. This may bring damage to woodwork. To prevent the damage to go further, install plexiglass covers or install a bell beside the door for your dog to use. Train your dog to use the bell each time they want to go in or out so that they won’t paw or scratch on your door frames anymore.


It may be hard to keep up with your dog’s dirty habits, but by doing proper techniques and using the right strategies, you’ll have a clean and beautiful home.