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Boss & Co. is a firearms industry which was established in the year 1812. Thomas Boss founded the company. He initially worked for a famous gun-maker during that time, and he later left him and started his own business. When Boss started to produce his own guns, it became an instant hit. Thomas Boss died in the year 1857, and his wife Amy handled the company. Though she had no practical experience in gun making, she did her best and took the help of her employees to keep the business running.

A Brief History about Boss & Co.

The Paddison:

As Amy became old, she was not able to manage the company, so she sought help from her nephews Edward and James Paddison to run the company, and Amy died in the year 1872. Both of them had worked in the firm for many years, and thus they know how to make the gun, but unfortunately, James had passed away within a year. Edward, however, continued to make guns and he produced top quality guns for the next 17 years. Due to financial and personal health issues Edward need a partner to help him with his business. Thus, he partnered with a gun-maker named John Robertson. John was also a gun-maker who used to work for Boss, and he did all the assembling and finishing work.

John Robertson was an innovator, and when he took over the company, he had a platform to bring out all his innovative ideas. John got the patents for the single trigger, Boss over and under gun and for the Boss ejector guns. These patents had helped the company to grow and come to a stabilized position.

Boss over and under gun:

Robertson designed the Boss O/U, and he made sure to make an elegant and slender gun so that it is easier to use. Earlier the O/U guns were quite heavy and clumsy. It was Robertson who gave the gun a new look.

Single Trigger:

The single trigger guns can trigger fire on both the barrels. Any other company cannot replicate the perfection of single trigger guns.

Boss Ejector:

The mechanism used in this gun is simple and neat. The gun is light and compact. The gun is designed in a way that it uses all the energy produced from its coil spring.

One of Robertson’s main goals was to design guns with quality, and he wanted to combine aesthetic beauty with it. Robertson was a key person who developed the company, and when he died, he left the company to his sons. They were known as the three governors, and they were hardworking and talented just like their father.

Today, many companies have tried to invest in various technologies, but Boss is keen on producing handmade guns. Making a gun by hand takes a lot of time, and you need to have the right skills to make quality guns and match the specifications that are given.