At to some extent, we all want to live in the house of our dreams. The whole idea about having a dream house usually comes too easy to visualize in our head; however, what does it take to make such a dream come true? From buying to restoring a huge old house, below are some tips on how to realize your dream houses.

Be Realistic

It might be tempting to have your eye and work on that overly huge house and work on it; however, it’s highly essential that you set your reach realistically and rationally. With that being said, it’s important to remember that the bigger it is, the more work that it requires, which translates to more hours of work and more money to spend.

Instead, it might be better to choose and focus on what you’re capable of. Always put time and budget as your top priorities to consider.

Do Your Homework

One of the mistakes that people do whenever it concerns restoring a home is that they don’t do their research which could significantly affect the kind of job that is done to their home. For example, not doing sufficient consideration for the type of contractors and workers to get to work on your home can make a huge difference especially on the quality of work that is done.

Rebuild and Restore

Though changing the architecture and design your new home space might be a natural response, it might also be a good idea if you dig us some of the old blueprints and reconstruct or rebuild an early feature of the previous property. This way, you can preserve the prior integrity and charm of the former house that once stood there, making the value of your home a bit better. Another way to look at it is that there’s nothing like an old house still retains some of its former design, and ripping all of that can ruin the whole thing about it.


Usually, people often want to opt to add a more authentic feature in their homes, and what better way to do that than to customize some of the things in your houses such as cabinets or other furniture. Aside from adding a more personal touch to your own space, you can also save a lot of money.

Restore, not Redo

“If you go and rip out an old door, I guarantee that you’ll spend two days screaming and hollering trying to fit a new door in an old space.” Nothing fits an old house like its original parts, so think before removing them. Old houses settle and shift over time, and their custom-made parts have grown right along with them. The way Nicole sees it, the house has “grown snug with all those old house parts… to me, ripping out old house parts to put in something new is pretty much like ripping my heart out. Original is always best.”